Appointments and Fees

There are a number of ways we can work together.  Face to face, over the telephone or via the internet using Skype.  Each has its advantages but I have been able to achieve great results with clients using each of them.

Telephone Consultations

Telephone and internet coaching are very popular nowadays, partly because they are so convenient as you don’t need to travel to see me.

Although telephone coaching may sound less personal, it can have some significant advantages for some people.  Not seeing the person you are talking to can make it easier for you to say things, particularly if they are of a deeply personal nature.  From my perspective I find that if I cannot see you, my listening is enhanced and I am still able to sense what needs to happen to help you.  At the end of the day it is all about results … and telephone consultations are just as effective as other methods.


Skype is a great way to see the person you are talking to without needing to travel miles to do so.  It has many of the benefits of face to face consultations and you can see me from the comfort of your own home.  Taking into consideration time zones, Skype has made it possible to work with clients all around the world


For those within easy travel distance there is also the option of face to face consultations here in my tranquil consulting room.


* Reiki

Although it is possible to offer distance healing with Reiki, this is not something I offer, preferring personal one to one treatments here in Fairford because I believe that offers the best results.




It is my aim to enable clients to see me when they need to, without concerns about affordability.  With this in mind I offer flexible pricing so that clients can pay at a level that suits what they feel they can afford.  Suggested fees are as follows:



Initial 2 hour consultation    £75    £125    £165

Follow-ups 1 hour   £40    £65      £90


Coaching, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Per Session       £40      £65         £90

Six sessions      £220    £360       £500

Most sessions are approximately one hour, although I always allow additional time should that be needed.  I often work with clients on difficult and traumatic issues and will not stop a session at a point that leaves a client in an uncomfortable space.



Per one hour session    £30     £45      £60

Three sessions              £80   £120     £160