Emotional Freedom Techniques

Matrix Reimprinting with EFT is an Emotional Freedom Technique that can be used to help a wide range of people feel more calm, confident, balanced and in control of their emotions.  It can be used for:

  • resolving fears and phobias,
  • reducing anxiety,
  • building confidence and self-esteem,
  • resolving trauma,
  • dissolving anger and bitterness,
  • increasing a sense of peace and calm,
  • soothing some of the pain of grief, making it more bearable
EFT is simple to learn and use for yourself, as well as having good evidence for its effectiveness – for example in randomised controlled trials “emotional freedom technique treatment demonstrated a significant decrease in anxiety scores” M Clond PhD details


It is now understood that many health issues are associated with some degree of stress and evidence suggests that stressful events can lead to increased risk of diseases ranging from cancer to heart disease. Matrix Reimprinting offers a way to permanently transform the way we feel about stressful or traumatic events and/or the people involved.  MR is a painless, simple way to change your inner experience and there is no need to describe what happened (unless you want to).

Core Beliefs

As young children our experiences contribute to our understanding of the world and our place within it.  When significant events happen they shape the way we feel about ourselves, other people and the world around us.  We may decide that some things are safe and others are not, that certain ways of behaving will be good and others bad.  The are our core beliefs.  Much of this early learning is very useful to us, but sometimes the beliefs we created as small children do not serve us well  and these core beliefs can hold us back and interfere with our happiness and our success.  Matrix Reimprinting can also be used to transform these beliefs simply and easily, opening the door to a happier, more successful future.

Here’s a short video from BBC Midlands news about EFT