Emotional Freedom Techniques

Sometimes our past experiences can interfere with our ability to love our lives.  We can be fearful and hold back, perhaps experiencing anxiety or distress in certain situations.  Matrix Reimprinting with EFT is an Emotional Freedom Technique that can transform the way you feel.  Once learned you can use EFT yourself whenever you need to.

Matrix Reimprinting can be used for:

  • resolving fears and phobias,
  • reducing anxiety,
  • building confidence and self-esteem,
  • resolving trauma,
  • dissolving anger and bitterness,
  • increasing a sense of peace and calm,
  • soothing some of the pain of grief, making it more bearable
There is evidence suggesting that stress can lead to increased health risks. Matrix Reimprinting offers a way to permanently transform the way we feel about stressful or traumatic events and/or the people involved, in a painless, simple way and there is no need to describe what happened (unless you want to).



Here’s a short video from BBC Midlands news about EFT