Sometimes our past experiences can interfere with our ability to love our lives.  We can be fearful and hold back, perhaps experiencing anxiety or distress in certain situations.  Sometimes those anxiety causing moments really interfere with life and stop us doing things we know we would enjoy.

There are several techniques that can help calm you down so that you can function in the moment, using them as you feel the need.   I will teach you techniques you can go on to use for yourself outside our sessions and in the future if you ever need them.

However, my aim is to banish anxiety long term and there are ways to tackle the source of your anxiety, healing not only the anxiety but also healing whatever events led to it in the first place.  Transforming you from anxious to confident, calm and capable.

Anxiety can be extremely stressful and there is evidence suggesting that stress can lead to increased health risks.   However it is possible to gently and permanently transform the way you feel about stressful or traumatic events and/or the people involved.  This can be done in a painless, simple way and there is no need to describe what happened (unless you want to).