About Me

Hi, I am Sue and I have spent almost 20 years helping clients improve their health and wellbeing, boosting their confidence and increasing self-esteem.  I love to see clients grow in confidence, become more passionate about life and achieve their goals and desires.

Everyone is unique and I like to take time to understand my clients, listen to their needs and find suitable strategies to help them.  I believe it is important to empower each client, giving them the tools and techniques to take forward and use for themselves, now and in the future.

I know what it is like to become stressed and out of balance and the impact that can have.  In the mid-1990’s my own life was very stressful.   I was working full time, had two young children under 5, my husband worked away all during the week and in addition to my work I was also studying for professional qualifications.  I also did all the shopping, cooking and housework.  After putting the children to bed my evenings were spent completing extra work I’d brought home, then studying for my examinations and somehow I also found time to walk the dog!  I was up early and went to bed very late.  I behaved as if I was Superwoman and like many people in our stressful, overworked society, I thought I was doing extremely well.  After all I was keeping it all together, passing exams with merit and so on …. but then I got my wake-up call – in my case an early stage cancer.  I had treatment, conventional and homeopathic, and rearranged my life and have been well since.

However I realised that I hadn’t looked after my own wellbeing, my stress levels were high and my health suffered.  I learned a lot from this experience, made changes to my lifestyle and chose to retrain so that I could help other people avoid the mistakes I had made.

We all have our own early warning systems and interestingly, when I took on something terribly stressful a couple of years ago, the site where my cancer had previously been started to flare up and became sore, despite me having no visible scarring there any more.  So what was previously my wake-up call is now my early warning system, telling me when I need to make changes.  I know how important it is to listen to your body and your emotions and take action to keep well and happy.

I appreciate the importance of finding the ‘right’ coach or therapist for you, particularly when dealing with important and often extremely personal matters.  That is why I am always happy to have a no-obligation chat with you about what it is you want to achieve and to answer your questions to help you determine whether or not I am the right person for you.   If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.