Make an Appointment

It is important that you find the right person to work with and so I am always happy to have a conversation in the first instance, without any fee or obligation Contact me.  If you then want to make an appointment, great, if not then perhaps I can point you towards someone more suitable to help you.

Appointments take place via telephone, internet or here in Llanmadoc, South Wales.  Reiki appontments  are offered in Llanmadoc but I may be able to offer sessions at your location in some circumstances.  Please get in touch if you have a special request.

Most one-to-one sessions are approximately one hour, although I always allow additional time should that be needed.  The greatest benefits come with multiple sessions.  Please contact me with your individual requirements and I will aim to tailor a solution to suit you.

To make an appointment please contact me or use the link below