Help for Anxiety

Anxiety, is it good or bad?

We all feel anxious from time to time.  That’s perfectly normal and ok.  Feeling a bit anxious as we approach something dangerous helps to keep us safe.  Many people feel a little anxious if starting something new or speaking in public.  Problems arise when this anxiety stops us doing something.  Or when we get stuck with anxious feelings and feel anxious most of the time and about lots of things.   Then we are not just keeping safe, we are being stopped from enjoying life.  When this happens we need help for our anxiety.

Sometimes anxiety is prompted by something that happened in the past.  Sometimes those anxious moments really interfere with life and stop us doing things we know we would enjoy.  No one wants to feel like they are missing out on life, but there is help.  It is possible to get help for your anxiety that will make a difference now and in the future.

What help is there for my anxiety?

There are several techniques that I can teach you to help calm you down.  Things you can do when you feel anxious, that will help you to function in that moment.  Techniques that will help your anxiety as you need them.   Most importantly, I can help you to help yourself outside our sessions and going forward into the future.

My aim is to help you get rid of your anxiety long term.  Together we can tackle the source of your anxiety and any triggers that cause your anxiety.  We can work together to heal the anxiety and heal whatever events led to it in the first place.  The best news is you do NOT have to relive any unpleasant past experiences, nor even tell me about them (unless you want to).  Together we can transform you from anxious to confident, calm and capable.

For more information, or a free initial consultation to see if I am the right person to help you with your anxiety, please contact me